Synchronizing Email Accounts with iTunes

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Synchronizing Email Accounts with iTunes

Syncing an email account to your iPhone copies only the email account setup information; the messages in your account are retrieved by the iPhone wirelessly over the Internet.

You can sync your personal information, including email, between your computer and iPhone through iTunes, or wirelessly over the Internet using a service such as iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Hotmail, or Microsoft Exchange.

Tip: You can switch from one method to the other by changing the settings on your iPhone -- see Changing Email Account Settings Manually.

This section describes syncing your email account with iTunes. iTunes can sync your iPhone with accounts on a Mac (running OS X) in the Mail app, or in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Address Book (Outlook Express) on a PC running Windows. You can also sync Yahoo! Mail and Gmail accounts on either type of system.

Types of Email Accounts

iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and Yahoo! Mail are email accounts that can push email messages to your computer and your iPhone so that they arrive immediately, automatically. They can also fetch email from the server -- either on a time schedule, or manually when you select the account on your iPhone. Some email accounts only fetch. For more info about using the Push and Fetch settings for your email accounts, see Using Push and Fetch.

The iPhone can also automatically sync email, calendars, and contacts with Microsoft Exchange, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail. For many of these email accounts, the settings automatically appear.

Setting Up Email on Installation

When you set up your iPhone, you have the option to sync email accounts. From that point on, your iPhone synchronizes with these automatically, right after you connect it to your computer.

Tip: After syncing, you can change the settings of your email accounts directly on your iPhone -- see Changing Email Account Settings Manually.

Syncing Email Accounts on Your Computer

To sync your iPhone with email accounts on your computer using iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes should start automatically if it is not already running; if not, launch iTunes.

2. In iTunes, click the iPhone button in the upper-right corner of the iTunes window. iTunes displays the Summary sync page (under the Summary tab).

3. Click the Info tab. The Info sync options page appears, offering Contacts, Calendars, Mail Accounts, Other (bookmarks and notes), and Advanced sections.

4. Scroll the Info sync options page to the Mail Accounts section. Mail Accounts appears below the Calendars section on the Info sync options page.

5. On a Mac, select the Sync Mail Accounts option. On a Windows PC, choose Outlook or Outlook Express from the pop-up menu for the Sync Mail Accounts From option.

6. Choose email accounts to sync. To choose accounts, select the check box next to each account in the list; scroll the list to see more email accounts.

7. Click Apply to apply changes, and click Done if you are finished changing sync options.

8. Click the Sync button if synchronization hasn't already started automatically.

Tip: You can also sync the notes from your iPhone Notes app. Scroll the Info sync options page to the Other section (right below the Mail Accounts section), and select the Sync Notes option. iTunes syncs notes with the Notes application on a Mac, or with Outlook on a Windows PC -- on a Windows PC, choose Outlook from the pop-up menu for the Sync Notes With option.

Tip: iTunes also offers Advanced options at the bottom of the Info sync options page for synchronizing your iPhone from scratch to replace all contacts, calendars, notes, or email accounts. You can choose which ones you want to replace by selecting the check box next to each option. iTunes replaces the information once, during the next sync operation. After that operation, these Advanced options are automatically turned off.